Coffee Session with Jolijn
di 01 feb. | Online

Coffee Session with Jolijn

Exchange thoughts over a cup of coffee! Happy to meet you in a short informal session. How are you? What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur? What is it that your business needs? Looking forward to chat.

Time & Location

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01 feb. 12:00 – 12:20

About the event

Book an online Coffee Session with Jolijn (free and without any obligation) for a meeting from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Are you living your dream?

Still strongly connected to your mission?

Are you having the success you deserve?

Longing to grow your impact?

Are you aligned with your vision?

Is it time to deepen or broaden your activities?

Are you about to make an important decision?

Currently not completely sure 'how'?

Are you facing obstacles?

Do you feel like you are in your own way?

How does a Constellation work?

Would it work for me?

What is a shapeshift?



These 20 minutes are yours! Consider it a mutual introduction. You ánd Jolijn can discover if the two of you click and if the meeting inspires.

Is this a Yes?

Then i would love to stay in touch!

I hope to further inspire you in updates via socialmedia and mail. But above all, i hope to meet you in the magical space of systemic work. You can work with me in:

Individual session (online/offline):

We'll look at your Work. Your dreams, your business and your position as an entrepreneur. Where are you and what do you want? Are you ready for a next step? Do you want to grow, professionally and personally? I'll show you how to free yourself for your mission, your path, your success!

Business Constellation (offline) - as a coachee:

In a group Constellation we'll work with your questions. The Constellation work is as practical as it is magical, and it affects all layers of your Being. It accomplishes a transformation (shift) in your inner world, that affects the presence in your outer world (shape).

Business Constellation (offline) - as a representative:

You can participate in a group Constellation as a representative. You will then take part in the Constelation of the coachee. A special experience! As a representative you'll always get valuable insights in relation to your own business and yourself as an entrepreneur.

  • Coffee Session (online)

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